Fireplace Candelabras

candelabra in fireplace

Decorate your fireplace with a beautiful candelabra that fits inside it. A candelabra is a nice alternative to using actual logs in a fireplace when you want the glow of fire but not the ash or smell from burning wood. Pick out a candelabra that fits the style of your home.

Decorative Fireplace Candelabras

Candelabras meant to be displayed in your fireplace come in just as many designs and styles as any other candle holder. Look for one that fits into your home's aesthetics to create a seamless look in your room. Don't forget to match the candle color to your room's color scheme.

Be prepared to spend a little more money on a candelabra for your fireplace than you would for a traditional mantel candle holder or tabletop candelabra. They are usually larger in size, hold multiple candles, and have a heavy-duty design.

Simple Designs

A basic design is sure to match any decorating scheme. To add a little flair, use shaped candles, ones with holiday designs, or those with other decorative elements.

Theme Designs

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When your home has a particular interior design style, you will want to match the candelabra's look to your room.

Log Designs

Make your fireplace look realistic by using a candelabra that looks like glowing logs, such as the Tealight Log Fireplace Candelabra from Southern Enterprise. Also from Southern Enterprise is the Burning Log Candelabra. It features three tiers of logs with tea lights meant to look like wood is stacked and burning in the fireplace.

Candelabra Care and Usage Tips

Follow these tips to keep your candelabra looking its best:

  • Make sure you have your chimney cleaned properly before using it.
  • Sweep out all ash and dirt before placing the candelabra in the fireplace.
  • Use a candle extinguisher instead of blowing out candles to keep ash and wax from blowing into the fireplace.
  • Regularly dust and wipe down candelabras.

Enhance Your Fireplace

Candelabras are a lovely way to enhance your home's fireplace. Their ornamental designs allow you to dress up a room and utilize a fireplace you may not otherwise wish to burn wood inside.

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Fireplace Candelabras