Silver Metallic Pillar Candles

Silver Pillar and Pine
Silver pillars are beautiful with other silver accents.

If you're looking for elegant, luxurious candles that don't need a lot of embellishments to be stunning, silver pillars are hard to beat. Available in different sizes and shapes, these beautiful pillar candles can work well with basic home décor and are perfect for many different types of special occasions. Silver is a simple, rich color on the cool side of the color palette. It has luxurious sophistication, and the color is said to be associated with:

  • The moon and stars
  • Telepathic energies
  • Dreams
  • Modernity

It is no surprise that this color is a favorite for minimalist designs, and when combined with the elegance of candles, silver creates a unique look for any decorative scheme.

How to Use Silver Pillar Candles

At first glance, metallic candles may seem harsh and sterile, but when used carefully, silver metallic pillar candles can be beautiful decorative accents. Popular uses for silver pillars of different sizes and shapes include:

  • Weddings: Silver candles are perfect for formal centerpieces or church decorations, and a carved silver pillar candle can serve as a unique and stunning unity candle during the wedding ceremony. For couples celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, silver is a traditional color choice.
  • Churches: Churches with cool stone fixtures and gray accents can add a spark with silver candles at the entry, altar, in windows, or for use during special ceremonies and events such as baptisms, memorials, holiday masses, or weddings.
  • Holidays: The rich sheen of metallic candles is an excellent choice for holiday decorations, and silver is a traditional choice during Hanukkah. Silver candles are also popular in Christmas candle centerpieces or when paired with other holiday and winter colors such as red, green, or blue.
  • Modern Décor: Silver is a popular choice for minimalist modern interior design, particularly when used as an accent color with black and white color schemes. Silver candles can be used for everyday decorative accents or chosen for special events such as a formal dinner party or New Year's Eve party.
  • Gifts: Silver candles can be a perfect gift for a newlywed couple or a couple celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. They also make great housewarming gifts or holiday gifts for anyone who enjoys candles.

Decorating With Silver Pillar Candles

No matter what the occasion, there are several ways to use silver metallic candles in stunning decorations.

  • Silver candle with texture.
    Choose a textured candle for a unique look.
    Create a fast, minimalist centerpiece by grouping several silver pillar candles together on a mirror. For more elegance, use pillars of different heights and sprinkle clear or colored decorating stones at the base of the arrangement.
  • Combine silver candles with other cool colors such as aqua, teal, blue, green, turquoise, or purple for a more colorful but no less elegant arrangement. If you only want to use silver candles, use other cool colors for accent gems or stones at the candles' base.
  • Instead of plain candles, opt for designs with glittery silver textures or silver accents on white candles, such as dots, snowflakes, swirls, or other abstract patterns.
  • Add a simple candle ring with additional silver accents, or choose a beaded or glass candle ring or holder to complement the candle's metallic sheen.
  • Place a single silver pillar candle in a tall hurricane glass and add beads, faux gems, or decorating stones to fill the base of the glass.
  • Use a thick, plain black pillar candle holder for a single silver pillar candle to make an elegant, stunning accent.

When putting together centerpieces or other decorations using metallic silver candles, take care: the finish on the candles can scratch easily, so gentle handling is imperative.

Where to Buy Silver Metallic Pillar Candles

Many candle retailers carry an assortment of silver candles, though the selection is likely to be greater during the early spring and summer wedding season as well as during the winter holidays. Bridal shops and party stores may also have some selections available. Online retailers often carry silver metallic candles throughout the year, and may offer better prices and a better selection, particularly for bulk orders. Online retailers who offer silver metallic candles in different pillar sizes include:

The cost of silver metallic pillars can range from $5 to $25 depending on the size (both width and height) of the candles, the type of wax, and the type of silver finish.

More Silver Candle Options

In addition to basic round pillar candles of different sizes, silver candles come in other shapes such as:

  • Square Silver Pillar Candle
    Unique pillar shapes are striking.
  • Tapers
  • Floating candles
  • Stars
  • The number 25 (for anniversaries)
  • Evergreen trees (for winter holidays)

If you can't find the right silver metallic pillar candles for your decorating dreams, consider a different type of silver candle or select a silver candle holder or tray to add that luxurious metallic sheen to any candle color. Whether you like the beautiful glitter of silver or the elegant weight of the candles, silver pillars can be added to any candle arrangement to create the pefect accent for any special occasion.

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Silver Metallic Pillar Candles