How to Use Ear Candles

Man receiving ear candling
Man receiving ear candling

If you have ever wondered how to use ear candles, read on for general use instructions. It is very important to always follow the exact instructions supplied by the specific manufacturer of the ear candles you are using.

How to Use Ear Candles

The following instructions on using ear candles are intended as general reference information.

Room Preparation

  • Many people find that preparing the room where the ear candling will take place in a relaxing way makes the overall experience more pleasant. Several methods include playing soft relaxation music, burning scented candles and using essential oils.
  • The room should be draft free to ensure the flame of the ear candle burns in a smooth even manner.
  • The room should be warm to ensure the ear candle recipient remains warm and comfortable throughout the process.
  • A glass, or bowl, of water for extinguishing the ear candle should be placed nearby.

Preparing the Ear Candle Recipient

  • Have the person receiving the ear candling lie down on one side in a position that is comfortable.
  • Place a pillow under the person's head providing elevated support. The head's elevation vertically positions the auditory canal.
  • Before beginning the ear candling, clear the area around recipient's ear by brushing any hair back away from the ear.
  • Place a towel, or other type of covering, around the area of the ear to protect the recipient's clothing, hair and skin.
  • The person performing the ear candling should sit in a chair by the recipient's head.

Performing Ear Candling

  • Depending on the brand of ear candle being used, there may be a line or circle depicting the safe burning length of the candle. If not, many people performing ear candlings use a magic marker to mark the candle at a six inch mark. Sometimes ear candle practitioners use a paper plate with a hole cut into the center. The hole should be large enough for the small end of the ear candle to slide through approximately five inches. During treatment, the ear candle is removed when there are approximately six inches of ear candle remaining, the five inches on the underside of the plate and one inch remaining on the burning side of the candle.
  • The person administering the ear candling lights the thicker end of the ear candle. On some brands of ear candles it is lit on the unlabeled end.
  • The administrator very gently places the non-lit end of the ear candle into the recipient's ear and turns it lightly to seal the candle in place in the ear passage. When the candle is properly in place, the recipient hears a pleasant crackling and rustling sound.
  • Throughout the ear candling, the administrator holds the ear candle vertically in place with a firm, gentle grip making sure not to squeeze the candle together. The administrator should never leave the person alone during the process or let go of the ear candle.
  • When the ear candle has burnt down to the safety six inch mark, or the pre-marked safety mark on some candle brands, the administrator gently and carefully removes the ear candle from the recipient's ear passage.
  • Place the remaining section of ear candle into the nearby glass or bowl of water extinguishing the flame.
  • Once the candle is removed, the ear candling administrator removes any material or condensation that may have accumulated on the hairs inside the ear.
  • Using a new ear candle, repeat the process on the other ear.

After Ear Candling

  • Have the ear candle recipient remain lying down for twenty to thirty minutes making sure they are warm and comfortable.
  • Gently massaging the areas of the ears, neck and face are soothing and help enhance the overall effect of the ear candling.
  • Examine the ear canal looking for residue from condensation. If needed use an ear cleaner. Never use a cotton ball, cotton swab or anything that will push the residue back into the ear.

More Information on Ear Candling

A Few Words of Caution

Although there are some people that know how to use ear candles and perform the treatment alone, it is highly recommended to always have a partner to help administer ear candle treatments. Both the recipient and the ear candle administer are around an open flame and extra caution should be used. If the recipient feels any type of discomfort or pain during the treatment, the ear candling should be stopped immediately and medical attention sought if necessary.

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How to Use Ear Candles