Wholesale Beeswax Ear Candles

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The wide variety of wholesale beeswax ear candles available online ranges from beautiful aromatic ear candles hand crafted by Reiki Masters to the simple rustic looking ear candles crafted by the Amish of Missouri.

Where to Find Wholesale Beeswax Ear Candles

The Internet provides many excellent online retailers offering a vast selection of beeswax ear candles wholesale to the trade or at wholesale prices to the public. The following is a small sampling of these many excellent websites.

The Coning/Candling Company

In business for since 1992, The Coning/Candling Company offers ear candles at prices that are wholesale to the public. The ear candles made by The Coning/Candling Company are hand crafted of premium California beeswax and unbleached cotton cloth. The ear candles are infused with fragrance of essence of rose oil, which is the essence of the frequency of love and the highest frequency on earth. Rose oil is also the most expensive of all of the essences.

Inner Light Connection

Founded in 1994, the Arizona based Inner Light Connection makes ear candles of the highest quality. The candles are hand crafted by and Natural Healers and Reiki Masters using:

  • Natural beeswax
  • Unbleached cotton muslin
  • Liquid herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Flower essences
  • Crystals
  • Infused with Reiki healing energy

For wholesale orders contact Salandra (Sally) Quick at the Inner Light Connection.

Andy's Own Ear Candles

Offering ear candles with prices that are wholesale to the public, Andy's Own Ear Candles are made of natural beeswax. The ear candles have a burn time of approximately ten minutes and measure nine to ten inches long.

Global Herbal Supplies

Global Herbal Supplies carries Hopi Ear Candles made from the original recipe of the Hopi Indians. Hand crafted under the Biosun name, the ear candles are free from fungicide residues and chemical pesticides. The ear candles undergo independent quality testing on a regular basis at a German independent laboratory. The ingredients of the original Hopi Indian recipe include:

  • Pure natural beeswax
  • Organic linen
  • Honey extracts
  • Medicinal Indian herbs including chamomile, sage and St. John's Wort

Bee Hemp Inc.

Bee Hemp Inc. offers beeswax candles made of 85% beeswax, 15% food grade wax that is highly refined and 100% unbleached muslin. The ear candles offered by Bee Hemp are approximately ten inches long and are available in three diameter sizes:

  • Small - measuring ¼ inch
  • Medium - measuring ½ inch
  • Large - measuring 5/8 inch

The ear candles are available in several scents including:

  • Lavender
  • Spice
  • Tea tree oil
  • Herbal
  • Flower
  • Citrus

Selling wholesale to the trade, Bee Hemp requires a copy of your business federal ID certificate or a business sales certificate on file before you can order ear candles wholesale. Ear candles are available in a variety of scents including:

  • Unscented
  • Herbal
  • Lavender
  • A mixture

Ear Candles

The candles carried by Ear Candles are offered in two different blends and several scent choices including:

  • Lavender beeswax and soy blend
  • Herbal beeswax and soy blend
  • Unscented beeswax and soy blend
  • Lavender beeswax and paraffin blend
  • Herbal beeswax and paraffin blend
  • Unscented beeswax and paraffin blend

The larger the number of ear candles ordered, the lower the price per candle on quantities ranging from one thousand. The company also offers free shipping on orders over $35.00.

Amish Ear Candles

Hand crafted in the heart of the Amish country of Daviess County, Missouri, The Ear Candle Store sells wholesale to the public. Their candles are made using double filtered, 100% beeswax with no additives, enhancers or fillers added. The candles measure nine inches long and ½ inch in diameter, which are slightly shorter than the ear candles of many other companies. However, the burn times of the candles are the same as other companies because the Amish ear candles are crafted using more natural unprocessed cotton fabric.

Wholesale Ear Candles

Whether you purchase wholesale beeswax ear candles for your personal use, as part of a buying co-op or for resale, you are sure to find the type of ear candle you want at a price point that fits your budget.

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Wholesale Beeswax Ear Candles